Your competitive edge in the race for physician talent.

Cascadia Physician Recruitment was created…

to provide healthcare clients a meaningful advantage in the global race for physician talent. In addition to our expertise in physician licensing and clinical workforce consulting, we wanted to bring headhunting into the international recruitment space, to give our clients a major edge over the competition.

Since 2006, we have honed our headhunting methodology to a fine art, gaining a reputation for filling the toughest vacancies, with the world’s best talent. Cascadia is a leading recruiter for major healthcare providers in Canada, the Middle East and Australia.

Smarter Recruitment.

Over the years, we have consulted with government ministers, health authority CEOs, physician groups and private healthcare providers on a range of issues and trends affecting the physician workforce. This includes policy, regulation, funding, operational risk, emerging technologies, HR and all matters impacting clinical workforce sustainability. We bring the best ideas from the global healthcare sector to enhance our clients’ strategic planning and decision-making.

The Cascadia Edge

Cascadia has helped facilities reach their expansion goals, saved hospital departments from closure, assisted in the rescue of flagging clinical services and played a key role in averting workforce crises.  This has been achieved by our proven ability to recruit top physicians quickly, under challenging circumstances.

It’s the challenge that drives us.  That’s the Cascadia edge.

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