Physician Headhunting.
Your Specialist. Specially Selected.

No physician jobs advertised on our website? We don’t need to.

In this global climate of physicians shortages, online job advertising seldom works for healthcare providers with hard-to-fill jobs. This is particularly true for rural and semi-rural services, as well as urban facilities recruiting in understaffed specialties.

A Recruitment Game Changer.

Headhunting allows us to consistently deliver the most elusive talent, in short time. It’s a game changer.

We hand-pick physicians who are best suited to your clinical and professional requirements, location and jurisdictional regulations.  On average, we are able to search, select and recruit the right physician, in any speciality, within 45 days or less. Better selection means better retention and more stable, cohesive departments.

We don’t advertise jobs online.
We don’t do job fairs.
We headhunt.